Video: Research Correlates Key Movements to Climbing Ability… So We Made a Yoga Routine for Them

As most of us know (and often ignore), having good mobility is important for climbing and yoga can increase that mobility. Pretty obvious, right? I mean it’s kinda common sense. But check this out: there’s actually scientific research to back it up.

The research correlates your climbing ability to a few movements such as High foot placement (and ability to stand up from it ) and Wide stances with or without foot external rotation. This means you’ll have to have things like good hip flexion, hip abduction, knee flexion, and ankle dorsiflexion abilities. In other words, mobility = climb good, stiffness = punt hard.

So we thought, why not use that research to come up with a yoga flow that specifically targets those key areas? Well, that’s where Ieva comes in! We analyzed the research, and Ieva created the routine! 


00:00 Ieva Intro
00:20 Why We Made This Routine
00:59 Ieva’s Notes (When To Do It, Etc.)
01:36 Follow-Along Begins!
01:51 Hip Circles
02:11 Hip Flexion and Abduction
03:19 Warrior III Pose
04:06 Half Moon Pose
05:11 High Lunge
05:30 Plank Exercises
06:14 Plank to Warrior III and Back
08:00 Standing Rest / Shake Out
08:31 Repeat All on Other Leg
14:06 Goddess pose with Heel Lift
15:15 Squat Pose Exercises
16:32 Cosssack Squat
17:43 High Lunge with Cossack Squat
18:34 Forward Fold Rest
18:47 Seated 90-90 Exercises
20:59 Straddle Sit
21:48 Butterfly Pose
22:27 Seated Rest
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