How to Fix Anterior Knee Pain for Rock Climbers (Front Knee Pain)

Do you force yourself to downclimb everything because jumping makes you cringe? Does the thought of a deep drop knee give you nightmares? Do long hikes to the crag leave you walking like Hank Hill’s dad? If you’ve been experiencing frequent pain right around [zoom into knee] here, then you KNEED to check out this video!!

In this episode, we’re talking about the causes, tests, and solutions for anterior knee pain, so you can stop asking your friends to carry your heavy crashpad for you and start hiking, climbing, and jumping like a true kneesovertoesguy fanboy.


Intro (00:00)
Important Context (00:24)
Part 1: Causes of Anterior Knee Pain (01:11)
Reason #5 (01:20)
Reason #4 (01:50)
Reason #3 (02:23)
Reason #2 (02:54)
Reason #1 (03:33)
Part 2: Strength and Mobility Tests (04:16)
Mobility Test (04:33)
Strength Test (05:00)
Strength + Mobility Test (06:31)
Part 3: Fixing Anterior Knee Pain (07:23)
Fix #1 (07:38)
Fix #2 (08:09)
Fix #3 (08:45)
Fix #3a (08:56)
Fix #3b (09:28)
Fix #3c (10:07)
Fix #3d (10:50)
Final Thoughts and Outro (11:22)