The Technique and Biomechanics of System Board Climbing from Hooper’s Beta

You all submitted system board videos, and the Hooper’s Beta team broke it down… with the help of pro climber, Dan Beal. Take a deeper look at how technique can affect your climbing as the team breaks down the anatomy of YOUR chosen system board problems.


00:00 Intro
00:14 Why system boards?
00:48 Underclings and footwork efficiency
03:24 Unequal finger vs shoulder strength
05:22 External rotators and scapular form
09:02 Creating balanced shoulders to rip off holds
12:10 Training abs vs core for roof climbing
16:51 Functional example of front-lever movement
19:45 Shoulder awareness in disadvantaged positions
23:56 Big reachy move technique and safety
28:30 Getting everything out of holds 31:05 Like the video if you want more!