Why Climbers Get Outer Knee Pain from Hooper’s Beta

Lateral knee pain is nothing new for many climbers, but the good news is, it’s treatable! In this video, Dr. Jason Hooper discusses why lateral knee pain occurs, how to diagnose it, and most importantly how to fix it.

00:00 What this video is about
00:22 The anatomy involved in lateral knee pain
00:45 Biceps femoris
01:05 IT band
01:42 Lateral meniscus
02:03 LCL
02:39 Mechanism of injury chart
02:51 How to test and diagnose lateral knee pain causes
03:21 Test 1: Resisted Knee Flexion
03:43 Test 2: Specific Palpation
04:23 Test 3: Varus Test
04:51 Test 4: Meniscus Test Cluster
06:52 Diagnosis Chart
07:06: Treatments for lateral knee pain
08:07 More information about rehab exercises
08:38 Treatment chart
08:57 An added bonus!