“Send Day” Tips

In this episode of the Training Cafe, Coach Eric Hörst talks about the little things that can make a big difference on your “send day”, and answers viewer questions on analyzing climbing footage for improvements, how to spread training volume throughout the week, suggestions for training when living on the road, when to schedule max power training, and more!


0:10 Introductory comments from home and discussion on summer roadtrips
1:00 Little things that can make a big difference on “send day”
1:50 SIP COFFEE together — climbers around the world unite!
26:40 Tips on analyzing your own climbing footage to make improvements?
29:30 Sending tip: Focus on carbs pre-climb and protein + fat for after
31:30 Opinion on spreading training volume throughout the week? 35:50 How to navigate plateaus on the campus board?
39:40 Suggestions for training when living on the road?
41:20 When to schedule max power training in the day?
45:50 How many days off after a shoulder injury?
52:20 Final comments….HAPPY CLIMBING!