Pro Setter Session featuring Sarah Filler and Nick Qaqish from Kilter

Ever wonder what happens when two professional setters get together to set a blank vert canvas? Check out this Hendrik Pot original edit as Nick Qaqish of Movement Gyms and Sarah Filler of The Routesetting Institute walk through their setting process.

Nick Qaqish Sarah Filler

Nick, Sarah, Connor MacLennan

Aroldo’s Rota Dual-Tex Huecos (Kilter/Haptic)
K222 – Sandstone 2XL 8 – Plate Sloper Huecos Dual-Tex
K229 – Sandstone 2XL 9 – Brushed Dual-Tex Scoops
UP174 – Stealth Jibs 1 – Medium Screw-On Slopers
UP131 – Stealth Large 1 – Edges
UP211 – Stealth XL 3 – Wrapped Edge Pinches
UP216 – Stealth Jibs 2 – XS Flakes
KHPJ025 – Pete’s Granite L1 – Dual-Tex Pinches

Prototypes of Kilter’s upcoming No-Tex Volume Series