What’s the Best Angle for a Home Climbing Wall? from The Power Company

“For this episode we tackle a big topic – one that doesn’t have a clear cut answer – What angle is the best for a home climbing wall? More precisely, we discuss the pros and cons of steep vs. less steep, and what things you should consider before deciding what angle is actually best for you.” – Power Company Climbing

Key Takeaways:

00:00 | Intro
01:10 | What’s the Main Use of Your Wall?
03:25 | Do You Have Access to Another Wall?
04:28 | Goals and Why They Matter.
06:02 | Bouldering vs. Sport Climbing
07:20 | What Level Climbers will Use it?
10:58 | Can it be Too Steep?
13:54 | Why We Chose 45 and 20.
16:20 | Wrapping Up

*You can Power Company Climbing, their training plans, grips, and the new book The Hard Truth at https://www.powercompanyclimbing.com