How to Rehab a Climbing Pulley Injury from The Climbing Doctor

Have you suffered from a pulley injury but don’t know how to diagnose or treat it? It’s easier than you think. Watch this video as the Climbing Doctor takes a comprehensive look at pulley injury severity and how best to approach each tier. Beyond clinical grading criteria, and perhaps most importantly to YOU, he covers everything you need to know to get you climbing 100% again. Check it out…


:00 Start
0:14 Guidelines for return to climb based on pulley injury grade
1:08 Clinical criteria grading pulley injury
2:55 Return to climb timelines after a pulley injury
3:50 Defining easy, moderate, and hard climbing
5:21 Rehab Unloading: Taping and pulley protection splint
9:00 Rehab Mobility: Improve circulation, glide the tendon, and restore mobility
10:04 Rehab Strength: “no pain” and “low pain” techniques
15:00 Protecting the injury during rehab