How to Cope With Fear in Climbing: Falling, Heights and Failing

Fear in climbing isn’t just about falling…. it can actually be much broader and diverse in its effect when you really think about it. Sure, we commonly see the “fear of falling” as being one that’s popular and often asked about, but just as relevant to that, is how we deal with heights and exposure. This is especially for sport and trad climbers, not to mention big wall hopefuls! If you then think a little more abstractly, you should definitely consider how you deal with the fear of failing as well. It’s important not to ignore this one as all of you will have to deal with failure at some point, no matter how successful you are!

Intro: (0:00)
Fear of falling: (2:14)
Fear of heights: (12:50)
Fear of failure: (22:57)
Outro: (35:47)