Woodchuck Wall (1989-1990)

    Built in an old barn hayloft, this location was too hot for summer, and freezing cold in winter.   I put a 4t. skylight in the angled roof to try and draw in some fresh air. The wall began brown, then hand painted, spray painted several times for décor over 3 years..   Basic ¾ plywood with t-nuts pounded, and glued into place.  Home made wood shapes and features added with bolts and screws.  Only a few companies made holds back in those days.   Holds were spaced exactly as a Metolius home wall instruction page used at the time,,, = a boring square grid pattern.    Alterations and improvements made over 4 years.  Arrival of screw on holds was a  breakthrough.  Most holds were from Metolius, Enterprise, CARP, U.S. Sportstone, Vertical Concepts Dots,  “Petrogrips’ of real granite, who became Synrocks later.

    Eventually colors arrived  with Boulder Holds,  Nicros, and many more companies.   When a new one had a small ad in Climbing or Rock and Ice in the mid 90’s.  I would at least get a sample set.  Soon I had Real Rocks, e-Grips, and Voodoo.  Climb-It, Groperz maybe had the first XXL holds, before features became popular. I think by mid 2000 I had Summit Labs, Escape, 3Ball, SoIll, Contact, eTch, Atomic and Atomik .  Eventually at least 30 different companies sampled on my walls.