The iso sanity wall


    My climbing conglomeration(wall and cave) has grew from a few humble chin up bars, to a home made hang board. Then the Melbourne Covid lockdowns began and the site got a life of its own. It started with a sheet of ply I had lying around and then grew to take over all the space I could around and under the tree. It recently had the front panel replaced and a portable crack added to the roof.

    The setup was built around the original 3 cypress pine uprights I had serval different height chin up bars on, from when my daughter was doing gymnastics. None of these were square to each other so fitting the panels was a real chore. Most of the framing is treated pine to go with cycled Oregon from the decking we replaced at the same time. 20mm external plywood panels with 3/8 Tnuts on the front panel and M10 on the rest(Don’t ask).

    All the holds were hand made wooden holds using any wood I had about, red gum, yellow box, cypress pine and anything I found on our iso walks.

    Last year I got a box of holds for my birthday and these are now being put up as part of a huge reset.

    Currently I have 6 colours and 6 routes that will go up the main wall, or around the entire set up or along the roof. Warm is loops using any holds, then one colour only for hands, then individual colours. The roof is a great feature of the set up and at 78 degrees. Inside wall is 8 degrees over vertical and front wall just 7 degrees over vertical.

    We are currently in our 6th lockdown and that’s now over 200 days. Along with being made redundant a few months back the climbing set up has been my outlet in so many ways.

    Hoping to be able to start having others come to train with me in the next month or so.