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She loves climbing

She loves climbing

New passion. New project. We discover climbing this year. So much to learn. We decide to build our first homewall in the shed 7×8  40° with Amazon plastic holds and basic wood holds ( big tankfull to DIY climbing hold ) . Then covid lockdown gave me enough time to upgrade my hold with texture and hunt for free scrap wood. Finally succed to get enough wood and t nut for my wall. I learned a lot about how to do holds that resist to sun and rain. I’m proud of the result made from my bare ✋. I keep learning everyday from hold shaping to route/boulder setting and climbing movement for sure :).

Picture are from the newest to the oldest.  

Finally steeper wall is 27° 8 feet wide with 2 feet roof and 4 feet top slighly in slab. Other wall is 5° ,8 feet wide , 12 feet tall.  

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