Rock Rage


    In 2018 the first section of wall went up at Rock Rage. I built our 30° steep wall 8’ wide up to the 11’9” ceiling. At this point I was only using the gym for personal training occasionally. 

    Shortly after the first wall went up, I got my hands on a 4’ wide treadwall from a city apartment complex. In order to fit the new treadwall we had to extend a portion of the hood into the attic above. This experience would later come in hand. 
    About the same time as the treadwall was going up I installed the 15° And started making our first volumes. At this point we are still using about 2-3 crash pads for protection.

    March 2020 with COVID limiting our time at the local commercial gym, I patched in the corner between the 15 and 30° walls and start buying more holds.

    May 15 2020, our group of friends is on an outdoor bouldering trip. We finish a great day, and head to the local supermarket for some victory food. One of us looks down at this phone, which had just finally gotten signal back for them to receive their emails. They looked at the rest of us in utter shock and managed to stutter  out, that our local gym had announced their closure.
    We were devastated. Our other climbing gym option was 60+ min. drives for most of us. After getting home I made the decision to attempt to house as many of our displaced climbers as I could.

    We painted the walls, and sold away the treadwall to make way for the future.

    August 9th 2020 the birth of the Moon Board. One of our members had purchased a moon board setup for their own personal gym, but selflessly built his own moon board in Rock Rage to support our group of dedicated climbers. This is where our previous ceiling experience comes back into play. In order to fit a full Moon Board (even with a shortened kicker) we had to extend several inches into the attic.

    September 6th 2020 we open Rock Rage with a complete 6” flooring system. This upgrade becomes huge and allows us to have 2-3 people on the walls simultaneously.

    From this point on I continued to purchase more holds and make more volumes with the hopes of one day opening doors on a new commercial location to bring climbing back to everyone who lost it.