Pine Wall

    Pine Wall

    The Bones:

    After some research in the Metolius homewall forum, elected to go with 2 in X 6 in framing for added sturdiness. Was aiming for an angle between 45- and 50-degrees. Final product is ~51. Frame is held in place by many screws and lags to the pre-existing garage structure.

    Facing and Setting:

    Board is complete after facing the frame with ply. T-nuts were installed for bolt-one. Found it best to draw out the grid then stack the ply and drill all the holes at once. Saves so much time. Kicker was also installed. 


    Large variety of holds from homemade to purchased. I make a lot of my own shapes and try to keep it simple. Small wood edges with slight to no Incut go a long way for trining. Of course, woodworking and finishing is a hobby of mine, so I do take the time to be sure that they look nice.

    Additional Training:

    Additionally I installed a campus board seen in the picture. It isn’t much but allows for 1-5-1 repeaters and bumps. The weight rack is used for antagonistic exercises, and a hangboard and pulley system are mounted on the central beam opposite of the woody.

    The only thing I would change is likely the plywood grade and opt for something a little nicer. I appreciate the traditional woody look and would not paint. Of course I would like to go bigger in the future, but need to make space to do so. Height is good but would enjoy more width on the board.