Jayden Irving’s Homewall in Epping, Australia

    Jayden Irving // Epping, Australia

    When did you build your wall? Was it a “COVID baby”?
    March 2020

    How long did it take you to build and what did that time look like?
    About 3weeks as a gradual project

    Not including holds and padding, how much did it cost you to build? Any surprises there?
    $900 no surprises

    What are you doing for padding?
    Carpeted cross link padding from ninja warrior tv show, & recycled mat from local gym wall rematting

    What was your primary incentive for the wall? Did anything in particular inspire your wall design?
    Always wanted to build one since I was 13yo when I first started climbing, but inspired by COVID lockdowns

    What was the most difficult aspect of the design and build?
    Taking design and plans to the materials purchase. Then figuring out what new tools I had to buy to make it happen too.

    What would you do differently?
    Buy a house with more garage space.

    Did you make any mistakes along the way or choose to re-do any aspects?
    Many mistakes with angled cuts and not squaring perfectly. But by spending a little more on overkill, any mistakes weren’t a bother or stress as I knew it would still be bomber despite imperfections.

    What is your favorite aspect?
    The super thick matting allowing full send moves.

    How often do you use the wall?
    I use it every day some weeks and infrequently other weeks, but it’s in use on average 3 times a week, but has also inspired a full garage training gym (boxing, treadmill, free weights, etc) and this whole garage as a gym is used daily.

    Any words of wisdom to aspiring homewallers?
    Plan, change, plan. Then just commit by building some timber materials so you can’t back out. You will never regret building it.

    Jayden Irving's Homewall in Epping, Australia