Camp Woodchuck

    This wooden plywood wall is outdoors in yard.   A storage shed, where one entire 4 by 8 plywood panel is on hinges and acts as a door.  All yard materials stored inside plus all ropes, harnesses, climbing shoes and belays.   By year 5, we stopped taking the holds off in winter, so many have endured full heat of summer and below zero of winters for over 20 years now.  Colors faded, but very little structural failure.  Added features and screw on holds in place yearly.   Some boards have been in use for 36 years without rotting out.  Repainted 4 times in 25 + years.  Since we can go inside, we have access to any failed t-nuts to be replaced or to reinforce the added shapes and features.   Bolted anchors solidly in place for topropes or short leads.