After moving house and breaking down the training wall in our old garden, we rebuilt it in the attic of our new place. I purchased new panels as the old ones had seen quite some weather, but the holds, T-nuts and frame parts from the old one were very useful for making this wall possible. Besides adding some holds I used the old panels and some scrap wood to make a few volumes, and made a hangboard and sloper-campus place to finish it off. Due to the steep angle of the roof (around 50 degrees) we decided on making a very tall kicker board, but in the future I wouldn’t mind extending the wall all the way to the ground. Most of the holds are second hand, but there’s a bunch of Euroholds, homemade wooden stuff and even 3D-printed holds spread all over.

    The falling surface was covered using leftovers from my local bouldering gym (thanks Bob!) and a mix of Japanese style bed, yoga mat and 2 Mad Rock crashpads. A loop (for the hammock), fan, bluetooth speaker, weights and barbell storage/pullup bar hooks finish off the room as being a very nice place to train, chill or do light computer work. The only thing that’s missing is a fridge.