“Crag Day” Training at the Gym from Eric Horst

Getting ready for outdoor sport season but can’t get outside? In this video, Coach Hörst discusses a “crag day” approach to gym climbing in preparation for outdoor sport climbing season. Check it out!


0:45 – Sip coffee with coach Hörst – climbers around the world unite!
1:30 – Comments on wrapping up winter training season…and soon transitioning to outdoor climbing.
3:00 – Eric invites you to listen to his Training For Climbing podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and elsewhere. https://trainingforclimbing.com/podca…
3:50 – MAIN TOPIC: The benefit of doing a few “Crag Days” at the climbing gym ahead of the beginning of your outdoor climbing season.


15:45 – Thoughts on a hamstring muscle tear? Importance of posterior chain muscle strength.
19:15 – For long-term gains, is linear periodization or DUP a better approach?
21:39 – What’s the difference between ordinary collagen powder and Supercharged Collagen? https://physivantage.com/products/sup…
27:00 – How can I best training my calf muscles for knee barring?
29:00 – Question about the best time to take the REDUX supplement? https://physivantage.com/products/red…
31:35 – Regarding the “interference” effect, what do you think about doing generalized aerobic training on the same day as climbing-specific strength training?
36:00 – Final thoughts.