Setter Session with Joseph Wetzel from Kilter Grips

Kilter setter sessions are back – this time, with Joseph Wetzel of Kletterkultur and Bluepill. Setting on a variety of angles (including the adjustable wall), Wetzel brings a new eye to the Kilter Barn. Check out what went down…

Featured Problems: 

Problem 1 – Vert – Blue Granite Complex Toehook to Paddle Press Hop to Volume with complex blocked holds so it could be easily tweaked harder
Problem 2 – 20º Wall – Black Dual-Tex Sandstone Huecos and Volume – Compress/jump/dramatic barn door K222 – Sandstone 2XL 8 – Plate Sloper Huecos DT (smaller decent ones/start holds and catch hold on volume) K228 – Sandstone Kaiju 14-15 – Dual Tex Huecos (larger middle holds he jumps off) K162 – Sandstone Kaiju Plate Sloper Huecos DT (catch foot) KHIP055 – Granite Jibs L4 – DT Jib Plates (start foot)
Problem 3 – Adjustable Steep – Lime Green Sandstone Complex and No-Tex Volumes – Toehook swing under big cross jump left at end
Problem 4 – Adjustable Steep – Dual-Tex Fiberglass – 47º, 52º and 60º Fiberglass Kit 12 – Wingate Sandstone Kaiju 5 & XL 4-6 – Pinches (blue) KWF012DT Fiberglass Kit 8 – Wingate Sandstone 2XL 1-3 & L1 – Flat to Slopey Edges (blue) KWF008DT Fiberglass Kit 15 – Noah Kaiju 5, 2XL 6 and XL 6 – Raised Plate Slopers (red) KWF015DT Fiberglass Kit 2 – Winter XL 1-5 – Pinches (yellow) KWF002DT
Problem 5 – Adjustable Steep – Lime Green Sandstone Complex and No-Tex Volumes – Toehook cross back left, swing kick left, press back right, undercling cross For Kilter in Germany and other parts of Europe as well check out Kletterkultur!

Zoe Leibovitch has been a climbing competitor on the national and international level since 2006. She has traveled the world competing in IFSC events, has been on the Evolv athlete team since 2014, and continues to spread her passion for climbing as a guest setter and coach. She has written for Climbing Magazine and works at The Spot Bouldering Gym coordinating their events and marketing. In addition to climbing, Zoe enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and all things adrenaline-pumping.