Home angle -adjustable Scott Rennak’s Homewall in Boulder, CO

Scott Rennak’s Homewall in Boulder, CO

Scott Rennak’s Homewall in Boulder, CO

Born: 2019
Location: GARAGE
Budget: $1800
Size: 260 SQFT
Height: 9 FT
Angles: 0-30

This is my 10th homewall since 1995 and they just keep getting better. Major inspiration this time was to give my kids a place to burn off energy in a healthy way.

The biggest trick I learned years ago was to make a slightly narrower wall to open up your aretes for climbing. Use wider lumber (I have 2″x12″) for the side supports so you can put full size holds there. Also, finish the top edge of the wall to become a great jug rail the whole length, then you don’t need extra top jugs.

For this homewall we also made the main 10×10 adjustable using winches, it can drop from 29 to over 60 degrees, although 30-35 is really the sweet spot. Scored 16 brand-new toddler mattresses for $5ea at a thrift store, with rugs over it’s nearly like a gym.

We are still filling it out with holds, I love super-dense holds. There are no t-nuts, everything blocked against each other, it creates lots of unique shapes and interesting slots. Using such slots, many years ago we started a trad-gear-placing version of add-on: each turn the climber made three hand moves and placed one piece of gear. That wall accommodated everything from micronuts to 4 Camalot and 7 Tricam. The games we climbers play 🙂

Scott Rennak''s Homewall in Boulder CO

Scott Rennak''s Homewall in Boulder CO

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Scott built his first homewall in 1995 and last one in 2019 just before the pandemic, with plenty between. He's made grips from wood and stone, carved shapes from clay and foam, and poured PU, PE and fiberglass. Over the years Scott has helped launch a few hold brands, worked for and set routes at a handful of gyms, and has organized a bunch of comps and events. He's currently the publisher/owner of <a href="https://www.climbingbusinessjournal.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">CBJ</a>. But the homewall is where it started, and is where his heart lies.
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