Scott Rennak’s 2001-2004 outdoor homewall

    2001-2004 at 2410 Vassar 1-5f21c411

    This 8×12 was south facing in Boulder, CO, and I didn’t plan weatherization very well and so got a lot of splinters on this wall. Still was a blast and shared it with friends in town and traveling through. Attached it to the deck and luckily it didn’t pull the thing down.

    Scott built his first homewall in 1995 and last one in 2019 just before the pandemic, with plenty between. He's made grips from wood and stone, carved shapes from clay and foam, and poured PU, PE and fiberglass. Over the years Scott has helped launch a few hold brands, worked for and set routes at a handful of gyms, and has organized a bunch of comps and events. He's currently the publisher/owner of CBJ. But the homewall is where it started, and is where his heart lies.