Sarah Klaszus’ Homewall in Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Sarah Klaszus

    Sarah Klaszus

    Sarah Klaszus // Edmonton, AB // Canada

    When did you build your wall?

    How long did it take you to build?
    My dad and i built the first half in the winter of 2017, then a year later we expanded it so my entire 2nd floor was climbable

    Not including holds and padding, how much did it cost you to build?
    Thankfully, my dad gifted most of the building material.

    Did anything in particular inspire your wall design?
    Given that my house is a 1.5 storey, it had great angles to work with from the beginning.

    What was the most difficult aspect of the design and build?
    My house was built in 1932, so we had to make sure that we weren’t compromising the structural integrity of the house during the build.

    What would you do differently?
    I would have gone into the attic space more to give more height.

    What is your favorite aspect?
    That my house has been officially labelled as “the coolest house in the world” by my niece and nephews.

    Any words of wisdom to aspiring homewallers?
    It’s a great thing to own….. It brings people together, keeps you fit, and will challenge your creativity!

    Do you have any connection to climbing brands or gyms?
    I started a small business during the covid pandemic, Hangdog Holds. Does that count?

    Sarah Klaszus

    Sarah Klaszus