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JZN Holds Homewall

JZN Holds Homewall

Our homewall was built in spring of 2020 during the many furloughs I had from work. We eventually settled on the living room for its location because of the large space and air conditioning (we live in Texas). I used 3D modeling to design the wall with slabs on the left and right walls to support the large structure. The front facing walls are 15 degrees overhung on the left, 30 degrees on the right and a triangular transition in the middle that would have been extremely difficult to do without CAD. We wanted a 45 degree wall but it would have taken up the entire living room given the 12.5’ height. The wall was stained in some places and then an anti-slip coating was applied. We installed a grid of t-nuts and put down wrestling mats and thick furniture foam with a canvas tarp for the crash pads.

We started with just a few screw on holds from ebay but that wasn’t enough and holds were expensive and hard to come by. We started experimenting with Polyurethane, Silicone and 3D printing to make holds and that’s how JZN Holds was born! With the help of my wife and after enough free time off from work I was able to quit my day job at the Aerospace Company and concentrate on making holds full time!

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