Chlorophyll is a full DIY build located in central Vermont. At 41 degrees, he is an 8ft x 12ft wall with a very small kickboard. The paint job was intended to be an “organic” look- similar to the inside of a plant cell. Just shy of 500 t-nuts as well as some side-pulls on the frame keeps the wall full but with plenty of space for more holds!

    Story: The only place in my house with a ceiling over 8 feet was in the dirt-room in my basement. Yes, a room literally 5 feet full of dirt. Used as trash/storage by the previous owners I spent several grueling weeks cleaning it out. Buried in the dirt I found wood scraps, nails, and some very rusted lawn mower blades! Not ideal for a landing zone.. After that, I decided to self install a vapor barrier (which should have been done long ago according to it Radon test). Post-vapor barrier, I bought a cheap carpet to give the floor some structure. By this time I had finished the actual wall and could begin the frame. Most walls can be built on the frame and then lifted into position. Unfortunately, I have a small 4×4 crawl space to get into my room. So I had to build and install the wall in the cramped room. The biggest issue I encountered was security. The ceiling joists run width-ways across the room meaning that rather than attaching my wall to 7 different joists, I could only attach to 1. After heavily bracketing the frame to the joists I still wasn’t stoked about 1 attachment point so I added some improve slings to another joist with perfect tension. Additionally, there was a heating duct that ran straight through the middle of the room so I had to learn some quick duct work too. I think it’s safe to say the 3/4 of the work I put into my build could have been avoided if I had a better location to put it. But alas, that’s the price!