Healing Ankle Injuries from Hooper’s Beta

To all of the struggling ankles out there trying to make it back to 100% – this one is for you. Whether it’s a sprained ankle or a torn ligament that’s holding you back, this Hooper’s Beta episode will cover everything you need to know to get your ankles back where they started.


00:00 Intro and Video Overview
00:52 Part 1: Ankle Anatomy and Mechanism of Injury
03:14 Part 2: Ankle Injury Risk Factors
05:15 Part 3: Differential Diagnosis: Ruling Out an Avulsion Injury
06:51 Part 4: Testing Sprain Severity
09:59 Part 5: Basic Rehab
11:19 Part 6: Balance Rehab 13:26: Part 7: Strength Rehab
14:41 Part 8: Return-to-Sport Training
15:42 Part 9: Prognosis
16:12 Outro and Bloopers