Finger Injuries in Climbers from Lattice Training X Sheffield Climbing Clinic – Part 2

Can’t figure out what type of finger injury you’re battling? Perhaps your answer lies in part 2 of Lattice Training’s finger injuries series. In this video, physiotherapist, James Walker, from the ‘Sheffield Climbing Clinic’ and Tom tackle some of the more obscure injuries in climbers. While the problems covered aren’t quite as common as those in part 1, they’re certainly worth acknowledging.

Topics covered include collateral injuries, tenosynovitis, flexor tendon strains and lumbrical strains.


00:07 – Intro
01:08 – Collateral Injuries
07:16 – Tenosynovitis
11:11 – Flexor tendon strains
15:24 – Lumbrical (muscle) strain
15:54 – Anatomy of the lumbrical muscle (quick overview)
20:51 – Outro