A Quick Talk About Simulators from Kegan Minock

You may have heard the term “simulator” boulders, but what really are they? In short, they are indoor boulders designed to mimic actual rock climbs that exists outside. A simulator can be an extremely helpful training tool when executed properly, however translating outdoor moves to the gym or homewall is no easy task. The many different intricacies that exist outdoors are challenging to replicate on plastic.

So why even set them? The reality is, not all of us live in areas that are easily accessible to our outdoor projects, so we need to find other ways to train the exact movement of a specific boulder. That’s where simulator moves come into play. Watch the video below to get Kegan Minock’s take on simulator boulders and see how he recreates a Joe’s Valley classic indoors.

Kegan Minock has been climbing for nearly two decades and Routesetting since 2007 both commercially and for national competitions. Currently he is the Head Routesetter and General Manager of Rock’n & Jam’n in Centennial, CO, as well as a freelance hold shaper. He enjoys helping others learn about routesetting through his YouTube channel DoughJo Setting.